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பரதேசியின் டைரிக் குறிப்பு - 6

இன்று 'கவியரசர்' பிறந்த தினம் என எத்துணை பேருக்குத் தெரியும்?!

'வலை'-லிருந்து பின்னப்பட்ட தொகுப்பு இதோ!

கவியரசர் பற்றி மெல்லிசை மன்னர்

The movie was ‘pOlice kAran magaL’. MSV arrived first for Sridhar to present him with the ‘song situation’. The melody tuned was ‘ponnenbEn siru poovenbEn’. Kannadasan was his usual nonchalant self when asked to do his bit for the song. ‘kAthal duet-a? athAn athhAn pothhAn mayiru mattai ezhuthiyAchhE. innumA ?’. Sridhar’s response ‘ithu different situation aNNE….’ seemed to satisfy the kavignar. He continued with ‘ennadA ViswanathA …thathhagAram thariyA illai nAn sollattumA?’. MSV it seems sang the tune for the kavignar only for the audience to get bamboozled as words incessantly flowed for the meters dished out, at times even taking the lead. The tune was modified a wee bit to accommodate the words that ‘happened’.

Now, back to the conversation, ‘azhagiya thamizh magaL ivaL……tune mothalla pOttathu’. Much against the relentlessly stubborn MGR’s wishes had the song been squeezed in . The resultant ‘hit’ status of the song was used by MSV in his future assignments to have his way with MGR. An instance where Sivaji did a MGR!! The song was ‘ponmagaL vanthAL’ except the reason for the rejection was different… ‘The charanams sound like thiruppugazh to me’. How glad now are we that the composer and the director looked past the imposing presence of Sivaji !!!!

கவியரசர் பற்றி இளையராஜா

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நடிகர் திலகமும், கவியரசரும்

Kanmani Subbu narrated an interesting situation. When 'Paalum Pazhamum' (1961) was being made Director Bhimsingh invited kaviarasar to pen the songs. Bhimsingh believed that with the roaring success of 'Bhaga Pirivinai' (1960) songs earlier kaviarasar can lend a magic touch.

Upon completion of nearly all the songs there was only one song to go. As usual, Bhimsingh along with Viswanathan Ramamurthy were seated when kaviarasar was penning the songs. When the last situation song was being written (at that time it was kaviarasar himself who wrote the songs) Shivaji suddenly walked in. It seemed Shivaji was staring hard at him which made our our kaviarasar uncomfortable since they were not on talking terms and he quickly handed over the letter-pad of the last song and bolted from the scene. Shivaji grabbed the letter-pad from Viswanathan out of curiosity and burst out laughing aloud. The song was was 'Ennai Yaar Endru...' Shivaji thought kaviarasar wrote about him for staring but the truth was kaviarasar was reminiscing his old flame in this song.

கர்ம வீரர் காமராஜ் அவர்கள் பற்றி கவியரசர்...

சொத்து சுகம் நாடார் , சொந்தந்தனை நாடார்
பொன்னென்றும் நாடார் , பொருள் நாடார், தான்பிறந்த
அன்னையையும் நாடார் , ஆசைதனை நாடார் ,
நாடொன்றே நாடித்தன் நலமொன்றும் நாடாத
நாடாரை நாடென்றார்.


Mahi said...

//இன்று 'கவியரசர்' பிறந்த தினம் என எத்துணை பேருக்குத் தெரியும்?!// எனக்கு இன்று காலையில்தான் ஒரு வலைப்பூவில் பார்த்து தெரிந்தது. இப்போ உங்க வலைப்பூவில் பார்க்கிறேன்.

நல்ல பகிர்வு!

தக்குடு said...

அழகான தொகுப்பு பருப்பாசிரியரே!! வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!